Deploy Angular project on Netlify.

Manuel Hernández Lemus
2 min readOct 26, 2019

Netlify is a platform where you can build, deploy and host your fron-end.

In this article you will lear how deploy your Angular project in a few steps.

1.- Create an Angular project

ng new angular-netlify

2.- In your Github account create a new repository.

3.- Connect and send your local project with your remote repository.

git remote add origin
// Send
git push -u origin master
GitHub repository

4.- In Netlify login with your Github account, create new site and connect to repository created.

Login with GitHub
Create new site on Netlify
Pick a repository

5.- Build options and deploy.

Build settings
Deploy in progress
Site deployed

Now, when you do push to Github repository, Netlify automatically deployment your project.

That is it, easy and simple.